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Free Samples during Covid.

Show Notes: September 8, 2021

  • Jeeves, a “cross-country, cross-currency” cost management software, just raised $57 million and is now worth $500 million.
  • TikTok has banned #milkcratechallenge videos after too many people were hurt while attempting the stunt.

    How would companies provide samples in the event of a pandemic?

    Free samples, where perhaps the nicest part of grocery shopping, and it vanished at the outset of the outbreak.
    Sampling is essential since it allows you to determine how delicious the food or drink is. I mean how else would you know unless you give it a try.
    In-store sampling not only introduces new items and refreshes old ones, but it also encourages customers to branch out of their comfort zones, increases store loyalty, and generates a sense of reciprocity.
    In fact, in 2005, Marsh Supermarkets discovered that offering samples may increase purchases by up to 2,000%.
    To repair its reputation, Spam handed out 100,000+ samples at 65 UK shops. That week, sales increased by 656 percent and by 10% the following year.
    According to a 2019 research, 85% of samplers who purchased a product were first-time buyers. Samplers were also 11% more likely to purchase again within 20 weeks than non-sampling customers.
    Meanwhile, skipping samples is a mistake. According to Eater, sales fell by around 30% after the epidemic halted sampling in 2020.
    With consumer habits changing, the competition is shifting as well.
    B2C marketers are employing a variety of strategies to test samples, with some being rather creative.:
    Heineken teamed up with meal-kit delivery service HelloFresh to allow consumers to sample its new nonalcoholic Heineken 0.0 with their meals..
    When Coca-Cola Energy debuted in January, the plan was to run an experiential sampling campaign to introduce the product to customers. When covid-19 made it impossible to follow through on those plans, the company adjusted its strategy by incorporating energy drink samples into online purchases and donating goods to hospitals and first responders during the pandemic.
    The Freeosk is a touch-free kiosk that distributes packaged samples at Albertsons, Walmart, and other supermarkets.