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Dear Team,

I have been thinking about why people hate used car salesmen so much and why they are synonymous with being pushy, sleazy or just crooks. The answer is simple, it’s because most of the time they are only focused on trying to sell the car they wants to sell and not the car that the customer actually wants. 

The best salespeople are the ones who are really good at listening. Your job is to listen 70-80% of the time and ask questions to better understand what the customer actually wants. If a customer wants a 2018 black audi r8 for no more than $80,000, and you try to sell them a van or even a lamborghini, then you are a fool. Give them what they want and it and it won’t feel like selling. They will even thank you for helping them. 

Now, the second thing to worry about is trust. There are 3 levels of trust.

  1. The most common but least effective is in the form of self promotion. Example: I make the best and healthiest chocolate chips cookies…would you like to buy some?”
  2. The next level of trust is what others say about you. Example: “We have been awarded first place for the 2020 cookie of the year by the Los Angeles Association on Bakers. We have 102- 5 star reviews and testimonials saying “wow these cookies are delicious, I eat all of them without sharing them to my kids”… Would you like to buy some? 
  3. Then we have the best layer of trust and that’s what the customer experiences. Example: “Here, please try a free sample of our chocolate chip cookie. (They are eating it and they say, wow this is delicious!) Then you can follow up with….Would you like to buy some?

This proves that the only thing that matters is our product. Then when it comes to giving them a free sample, the product will sell it self.