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Dear Team,

I recently learned that humans are like ships in the middle of the ocean. If you don’t give it a captain, crew, or a specific destination to pursue, then the ship will drift and be taken by the currents of mother nature. The chances that the currents will take them to the exact location they want to visit will be close to none. BUT it has been proven that if your ship has a captain, crew, and a plan of the exact location you want to pursue, then it is almost certain that you will reach your destination. 

I understand that we are not expert sailors and that this is our first journey together. Therefore let’s first start with a small goal. Let’s master our craft before we sail the open seas. I propose that our small goal would be to make this a million-dollar company by the end of 12 months. This is the plan:

  • Goal 1 = Get our first paying client.
  • Goal 2 = Get 10 paying clients.
  • Goal 3 = Get 3 Clients a day.

Question… is it possible to get 3 clients a day with our awesome service? Yes, it’s very possible and I believe you know it as well. 

Guess what, 3 clients/day *(365 days in a year) = 1095 clients in a year. 

1095 * ($150 price of service) =  $164,250. 

If we keep our clients happy, then the following year we will bring in $164,250 * (12months) = $1,971,000/ year.

We have a ship (our business model) we have a captain, crew, and a clear goal of the destination we want to achieve. Thus, the odds are in our favor. Let’s make this happen. Let’s start sailing.