Emotions vs Logic

Emotion Vs Logic


I no longer trust myself.

I have been trying for almost ten years trying to find ways to control my emotions, but I have failed in finding a solution. I know feelings (my lizard brain/ the limbic system) will ALWAYS beat my logic wise pre-frontal cortex.

My goal was to eliminate or highly reduce my emotions. To become more robotic, logical, to be more like Spock from Star Trek (to all you nerd haters, Spock gets shit done) Like I said, I have tried, and I have failed. My emotions are the reason I’m not successful; it’s also the reason why I don’t have a six-pack with a sexy summer body.



I then saw Avengers Endgame, and it all made sense when I saw the new Hulk. Bruce hated the Hulk and saw it as a disease, but later he finally learned to embrace it and even use it to his advantage. He combined the best of both worlds. I hated my emotions, and I failed because I tried to eliminate it, but now I use it to my advantage. My logic is super smart but weak. My emotions are intense but stupid. Therefore I’ll use my logic to trick, manipulate, and create systems to have my emotions work for me.

My theory was a success, I’m happy, and I want to share what has helped me, and hopefully, it can help you.

1) Successful people wake up at 4 am, so I should do the same. Like most new entrepreneurs, I have a 9-5 job. I have been trying to sleep early so I can wake up at 4 am, go to the gym, then start working on my business at 6 am before my day shift. The problem? Eventually, I will hit the snooze 5x and won’t wake up until 8:30 to rush to work and will completely ignore all the work that I needed to do. I hate how Hulk Brodie always wins at 4 am and forces me back to bed.

Solution? Well, successful people aren’t successful because they wake up at 4 am, it’s because they get shit done. They do it early in the morning when they are focused and have no distractions. Since I won’t wake up early, I’ll sleep late. That’s much easier for me. Between 2-2: 30 am to be exact. But won’t I be tired after such a long day? Nope, because I take a nice nap between 6-8pm when I get a chance. I also get my work done at night because emotionally, I will feel like shit if I don’t get anything productive done, and it will feel like a wasted day. That forces me to power through my work at night, and my reward (besides the satisfaction of finishing your goals) is that you get to sleep on a beautiful, comfortable bed afterward.

2) Accountability. It’s funny how we care so much about what people think about us. We shouldn’t, but instead of fighting our emotions, use it to your advantage. I have Erin, who is trying to grow a Youtube audience like I am and every Friday we jump on a 15min call to see if we have created the videos and achieve the goals we have set the week before.
I also have Caleb, who wants to blog, explore, learn, and write every day. I also would like to do the same, so every morning, he will get a blog that I have written the night before. If I don’t, he will call me out, and I would feel like shit. Advise: When choosing your accountability partner, pick someone that you respect and that you don’t want to disappoint. It also helps to have a partner that is doing something similar to you, so you are both working together for a common goal.

3) I want to summarize everything with a little advise. If you’re going to lose weight, then throw away ALL the junk food in your house. Your emotions/will power will eventually give up. It could be in 2 days, five months or at 3 am after a long day, and you want that fuckin donut. EXCEPT, this time you won’t eat that round sugary piece of evil because you threw it away earlier and you are forced to eat the apple in the fridge instead. You won that battle. Congratulations. Use logic to trick your FUTURE emotions when they come. Be prepared.